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Anabel Alvarez, Ph.D.


Dr. Anabel Alvarez-Jimenez is a licensed psychologist who received her doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Georgia State University. She completed her internship and post-doctoral training at Jackson Memorial Hospital/University of Miami. Dr. Alvarez has extensive experience in academics, having served as a professor in graduate education for many years. She also has extensive research experience, having published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at many national conferences.  Dr. Alvarez has maintained an active practice that specializes in therapy and assessment. She specializes in individual, couples and family therapy. In addition, to offering an array of assessments and evaluation services, including immigration evaluations, hardship evaluations, psychoeducational evaluations, vocational rehabilitation and medical evaluations.


In her own words:


“My hope in working with clients is to help them identify and get in touch with what is the best version of themselves. This includes developing a collaborative therapeutic environment where a client feels safe enough to bring forward all their issues and concerns. I believe a client is the primary expert in their life and my goal is to help them work through and make the best choices for themselves. Through the course of self-discovery and personal growth clients will gain a better understanding of when, why and how certain circumstances or people produce different emotions and reactions in their lives. This insight will allow them to identify what is or is not working and new, healthier ways to cope or respond. I look forward to working with you.“ ~ Anabel

Susana Blanco, Ph.D.


Dr. Susana Blanco is a licensed psychologist who earned her master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from University of Miami and her doctoral degree from University at Albany, State University of New York. She completed her clinical internship at Boston Medical Center in the Center for Multicultural Training, and her post-doctoral training at Edith Nourse Veteran's Hospital in Bedford, MA.  In addition to having worked as a full-time academician at the doctoral level and conducting research, Dr. Blanco has co-authored journal articles and presented at national and international conferences on various topics. While her expertise lies in working with couples and families, she also has extensive experience working with individuals and groups (ranging in ages from 5-65), presenting with varying mental health and wellness concerns including: depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, grief and loss, trauma, anger management, self-esteem issues and more.


In her own words:


"We all face challenges in life, and when we do, it can be extremely helpful to receive support from others; psychotherapy can be that source of support for you. In my own life, I place significant value on building meaningful, authentic connections with others; therefore, as a therapist I also emphasize my relationships with clients. Specifically, I focus on collaborating with them and building a relationship based on safety and trust. I work with each person, at their pace, exploring their concerns and desires. Because I believe in one's ability to overcome life's challenges and make changes, I work closely with clients to highlight their strengths and to empower them to discover and live their truth.


I understand that each individual is fundamentally the expert in their own life and view my role as being an expert in guiding people through an intra and interpersonal process of exploration, healing, and transformation. It would be my honor to work with you as you thrive towards living the life and having the relationships you desire." ~ Susana


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